What We Do

Culture is everything, and you might be doing it wrong. That is why Strata Leadership exists to help organizations intentionally shape their culture in the right direction. 

We serve a wide range of organizations—including companies, non-profits, government agencies, law enforcement and public safety, public and private schools, and faith-based organizations—through our assessments, training, coaching, and curriculum. Each month these services reach more than 850,000 people in 28 countries.

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The C3 Concept

There are two important components to building a culture of trust, creativity, innovation, and loyalty—character and competence. Both of these are needed if you want to consistently produce excellent results. At Strata Leadership, we call this the C3 ConceptTM:

Character (C1) + Competence (C2) = Consistency (C3)

We describe Character as the mental model and values we use to make decisions. Competence is what we call the knowledge and skills needed to solve technical problems. And Consistency refers to the long-term results and outcomes of a person or organization.

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Training Team

Our team of trainers are experienced in tailoring programs to fit the needs of each audience. We provide keynote presentations, motivational seminars, executive training, employee workshops, and one-on-one coaching.

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We would love to hear from you. Please contact us to learn more about the services we offer or to discuss how we might tailor our programs to meet your specific needs.

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