Frank Smith – COO & Sr. Executive Coach

Frank Smith’s passion is helping leaders identify their goals and creating a plan to help bring those goals to life. He is deeply interested in working with leaders to ensure they are investing their lives well and creating a healthy workplace culture.

A primary focus in developing workplace culture is Frank’s willingness to help leaders with the relational side of business leadership, strengthening how their team works together. This desire to help leaders was one of the primary reasons that Frank and Dr. Nathan Mellor became friends and started Strata in 2009. To help leaders realize their goals and shape culture, Frank uses his 25 years of experience as an owner and leader of multiple business, and his love of people to impact lives.

In addition to his leadership coaching with Strata, Frank is also a certified Great Game of Business Coach for companies who want to implement open-book management practices. Overall, he has provided thousands of hours of executive coaching to a broad range of leaders and executives.

Frank earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from Harding University and passed the CPA exam in 1988. He worked as an auditor for KPMG (1988–1989), as an accountant for Hertz Rent-a-Car (1990–1992), and as Chief Financial Officer for Beam’s Seatbelts (1992–2012). Frank has helped start or acquire a number of businesses and also has experience in using an Employee Stock Ownership Plan to benefit his team through business ownership.

In 2017, Frank attended The Berkeley Executive Coaching Certification Program which focuses on developing coaches who excel at the critical soft skills leaders require today – including empathy, professional intimacy, leadership presence and effective communication skills. The goal of the Berkeley program is for participants to learn to engage the Heart and Mind of the person they are coaching.

Frank and his wife Heidi were married in 1988 and have three children. He currently serves as the President of Mosaic Personnel, Chairman and COO of C3 Brands (Monocle Press, Mosaic Personnel, Qubit Creative and Strata Leadership), and as Senior Executive Coach for Strata.