Program Summary

If you are looking to become a trainer or want to sharpen your skills, this program is designed specifically for you.

Over the years, the Strata Leadership team has developed and “road-tested” an approach to training that inspires and equips. To help share what we have learned, we have developed the Strata Associate and Certified Trainer Program. Through this two-day intensive program, the Strata Team will work closely with leaders interested in strengthening their communication skills and gaining additional insight into how to connect and train adult learners.

The primary focus of the program is to provide participants the opportunity to learn the art and science of teaching using the “Strata Method” of facilitation and Strata curriculum as the content. In addition, those who complete the program are invited into a community of other professionals to help continue to sharpen their skills and share best practices. Our goal is to equip others with the methods we have found most helpful along the way and provide access to the proprietary content developed by the team of leadership and learning professionals at Strata.

Program Details

The program requires a commitment of two full days. We will work closely with each participant to provide the tools needed to train both our method and our material in their specific context. In addition to spending time with the Strata team, we believe that by working alongside others who share in a common commitment to developing a positive workplace culture, everyone will benefit.

Each program is offered in Oklahoma City with limited seats available. The cost of the training and licensure for four (4) topics is $3995 per person and includes the bonus topic: The C3 Concept. Up to four additional topics can be added to the license for a cost of $795 per topic.

Upon the completion of the program, you will receive the exclusive opportunity to use Strata’s curriculum that can be delivered in a variety of formats (100 Minute Workshops, ½-Day Programs and Full-Day Programs).

The following topics are available for selection:

Each participant will receive a reference copy of all course materials while at the training program. The printed materials are provided in a three-ring binder for each participant. In addition, participants are provided access to digital copies of the PDFs and presentation materials needed for the training programs for which they are licensed.

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Program Benefits

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Have additional questions?

We will be happy to answer them! Please feel free to connect with Dr. Nathan Mellor (CEO), Dr. Jason Jones (VP of Leadership Development), or Jamie O'Brien (Managing Director). If Nathan, Jason and Jamie are unavailable due to meetings or training programs, our Account Executives are also standing by to assist. We can be reached at 877.357.0001 or 405.815.0001. Our e-mail address is

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Cancellation Policy/Candidate Status

Cancellations will be accepted through voicemail, e-mail or letter and must be received by the stated cancellation deadline. All refund requests must be made by the attendee or credit card holder. Refund requests must include the name of the attendee and/or transaction number. Refunds will be issued by check.

Unless specifically stated on official registration materials or through correspondence with a member of the Strata team, the deadline to receive a refund for the Associate/Certified Trainer program is five business days prior to the event.

Strata Leadership, LLC (Strata) reserves the right to cancel an event due to low enrollment, inclement weather or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable. If Strata cancels an event, registrants will be offered a full refund. Should circumstances arise that result in the postponement of an event, registrants will have the option to either receive a full refund or transfer registration to the same event at the new, future date.

Participants in the Associate or Certified Trainer Program are considered candidates for licensure and are not guaranteed they will receive licensure. Upon the completion of the program, if members of the Strata team do not believe the candidate is prepared to deliver Strata materials, the candidate will receive a full refund of their registration costs.

In cases where a Certified Trainer leaves an organization within one year of the completion of the training program, the organization will have the opportunity to send a replacement for a reduced fee of $1995. If the licensee leaves the organization within two years, the organization will have the opportunity to send a replacement for a reduced fee of $2995.

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Late Arrival

Participants who arrive late to the Associate/Certified Trainer program are not eligible for a refund for the portion of the training program missed.

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Revocation Policy

Strata Leadership, LLC reserves the right to revoke an Associate or Certified Trainer’s license if any of the following conditions apply: Improper use or duplication of Strata materials without permission. Any conviction of a felony or misdemeanor that would undermine an Associate/Certified Trainer to credibly present on a topic pertaining to character. Lack of professionalism, demonstrated disrespect to colleagues, clients and or other professionals online or in person.

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