Ethical Decision-Making - September 27 (Webinar)

How to Recognize, Evaluate, and Test Ethical Decisions
An ethical decision-making process can be a helpful resource for employees and a highly effective way for leaders to model strong critical-thinking skills. In this 1-hour training webinar, you will learn a process that guides the exploration of ethical dilemmas and identify ethical courses of action. The steps of the process will cover recognizing ethical issues, evaluating alternative actions, testing potential decisions, and reflecting on the outcome. Finally, you will explore how ethical decision-making processes can protect employee and customer rights, ensure all business operations are fair, and protect the common good.


Date & Time: September 27, 2018, 1:00-2:00pm (CDT)

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About the Presenter:

Dr. Jones is a workplace psychologist, author, speaker, and serves as Vice President of Leadership Development at Strata Leadership, LLC. Jason spent nearly two decades studying and applying employee behavior, motivation, and performance initiatives in the workplace.

Dr. Jones has held leadership roles at companies in various sectors and currently works with top corporations building world-class leadership and employee development initiatives. Dr. Jones' client list includes some of the worlds most recognized brands - American Airlines, AT&T, Sonoco, Seagate Technology, U.S. Postal Service, Airtron, and Sandridge Energy among many others. | Full bio