Character Core Membership

Are you in a leadership role in a company that wants to change your company culture? What would happen if you could clearly communicate your expectations? Or maybe you just want to enhance a current strong culture with a vocabulary of character?

The Character Core program is designed for organizations that want to build a culture of character and competence from top to bottom.

How to Begin:

  1. Schedule a live Orientation training to train your management team how to build a culture of character and competence. We encourage building a strong foundation by focusing on teaching and developing your leaders before rolling out a new program to the whole organization. Call us to schedule your training today!

  2. Sign up as members (management team only). For the first 2-3 months, order materials for only your management team. You will have these few months to figure out the best way to implement your character emphasis for your organization.

  3. Expand your membership to the rest of the team! You provide the total number of locations and employees and we will ship the materials that you need. Start having monthly meetings to introduce the monthly character quality and recognize employees for examples of good character.

Members receive a variety of resources every month that focus on a different “core strength”—including specific character qualities and leadership traits such as responsibility, positivity, trustworthiness, honesty, and flexibility.

Membership cost is $4 per employee per month (US addresses only - minimum of 10 people). Ready to order? Order online today.

In addition to our Core Membership program, check out our other services such as training, coaching, or assessments.

Monthly Benefits:

Additional Benefits: