Character Core Starter Kit


Product Description

At Strata Leadership, we are passionate about helping organizations strengthen their core by developing both character and competence. That’s why we designed Character Core, which is a way of doing business that engages your team, inspires your people, and creates a winning culture.

The journey begins when you purchase a Character Core Starter Kit. Inside the kit you’ll find a DVD training called “Shaping Your Core Focus” and workbooks for four people. This training is designed for your management team to watch together and discuss how to implement the leadership principles taught in each session. 

“Shaping Your Core Focus” takes one to two hours to complete, depending on your discussion and interaction. This is also a great resource to review from time to time—especially when you bring on new managers.

Starter Kit Includes:

  • 1 Shaping Your Core Focus Training DVD featuring Dr. Nathan Mellor and Lyn Watson
  • 4 Course Guides (additional copies sold separately)
  • Character Core sample resources, including Character Core DVD, Magazine, Poster, Meeting Planner, Recognition Worksheet, and Recognition Certificate

"Shaping Your Core Focus" DVD:

  1. A Better Way to Do Business (11:20 min)
  2. The C3 Concept (9:00 min)
  3. Building a Common Language (10:35 min)
  4. The Power of Recognition (8:45 min)
  5. Moving forward (3:20 min)

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