Strata Leadership, LLC believes in helping leaders make life better for their people. 

Strata Leadership provides character and competence based solutions to companies, governmental agencies, non-profits and educational institutions throughout the United States and abroad. A full-service organizational development firm, the Strata team of highly qualified professionals conducts cultural analyses, provides executive coaching, facilitates strategic planning and offers a broad range of training options and specialized organizational development services. Brands operating under the Strata Leadership umbrella include: The Academy of Sports and Character, Character First Education, and Monocle Press.

The C3 Concept

Character + Competence = Consistency

Most companies hire for competence but fire for character. Strata Leadership helps individuals and organizations build positive cultures based on character and competence.

Strata Leadership focuses on combining character with the necessity of competence in order to produce the type of consistency that makes a winning organization.

Frank Smith discusses the origins of Strata Leadership

Dr. Nathan Mellor explains the C3 Concept at a TEDxOU event

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